The Sons of God from Genesis 6

Who are the Sons of God in Genesis 6?

Humanity’s Relationship to the Spirit Realm of Fallen Angels –

To understand the beast and other characters of Revelation, we need to revisit Genesis 6 to see how fallen angels will affect the end times.

Resting at death

Resting at Death

RESTING AT DEATH What does it mean to be raised physically, to appear with God in glory, or to see God as he is? What will our bodies be like in the resurrection? Like the bodies of angels.[footnote]See Matthew 22:30 and Luke 20:36.[/footnote] Our bodies will be transformed to be just like Christ’s resurrected body, … Read More

Christian Myths about Death

Cultural Myths of Life After Death

Cultural Myths of Life After Death Greek mythological influence has infiltrated Christianity since its origins. In the early days of the Church. Since Gnosticism and other beliefs were pronounced as departures from biblical teaching, early leaders of the Church easily quelled and discarded such heretical arguments. But Greek culture continued to quietly influence the Church, … Read More