Daniel and Revelation Passages

Daniel and Revelation Passages – Revelation is Explained by Daniel and Other Prophets

The Book of Revelation is primarily a summary of Old Testament passages. There are not many new concepts presented in Revelation. Revelation is the culmination of all unfulfilled prophecy.

We cannot understand the Book of Revelation without prophets like Daniel. God wants us to connect the entire Bible into one theme of redemption, and prepare us to be a witness for the end of this age.

Click on the banners below to download PDF files that include key Bible prophecy passages related to the Book of Revelation. The PDF files include hyperlinks to an ESV translation to make it easier for looking up passages.

After seeing the connection between the Old Testament and New Testament passages in the attachments, you will better understand the Book of Revelation.

What is the Beast of Revelation?
Click Here for a Summary that Describes the Beast
Daniel and Revelation Passages 1
Click Here for Anti-Christ Passages from Daniel, Paul and Revelation
What is Mystery Babylon the Great?
Click Here for Passages about Mystery Babylon the Great
The 7 seals of Revelation
Click Here for Passages about the 7 Seals of Revelation
Mark of the Beast
The Mark of the Beast – Is it a Physical or a Spiritual Mark?

When is the Rapture in the Book of Revelation?

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Understanding the Book of Revelation cannot occur without first knowing the history and progression of Bible prophecies. Details are explained in the free eBook – The Message for the Last Days.

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Summary of 2nd Advent Passages

This PDF table in the link below includes 37 passages related to the 2nd coming of Christ. You can view an ad-free ESV translation from the hyperlinks or look up the passages listed to see all the relationships with this major event.

There are several key terms repeated in association to the 2nd coming, such as angels, clouds, trumpets and tribulation. The sequence of events joined to Christ’s return can be determined through an examination of recurring key terms.

These passages help answer questions about the rapture.

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Timeline of Events in Revaltion
Click here or the banner above to see the video sequence of events for the Book of Revelation in chronological order.
Click the YouTube link above to learn about 36 Bible passages as they relate to the Rapture and Great Tribulation Period