who is the antichrist

Who is the anti-christ?

Descriptions of the anti-christ from Daniel Chapter 7 and Revelation Chapter 13 parallel each other with these same identifiers –

He comes out of the great beast with 10 horns

He speaks complete blasphemy against God

He is allowed authority to war over the saints in the tribulation period

He is destroyed at the 2nd coming of Christ (Revelation 17:14)

What is the Beast of Revelation?

The Beast of Revelation

Who, or what, is the beast of Revelation? We cannot know the Mark of the Beast or any other details until we trace the history of kingdoms, both spiritual and earthly.

What is Mystery Babylon the Great?

What is Mystery Babylon the Great?

Mystery Babylon the Great –The rise and continuation of the city-state system. Mystery Babylon is one of the most important elements of the book of Revelation. It closes the loop between the devil, working through his beast system with the anti-christ, and the nations of the earth. There have been many iterations of the evil spiritual … Read More

The Sons of God from Genesis 6

Who are the Sons of God in Genesis 6?

Humanity’s Relationship to the Spirit Realm of Fallen Angels –

To understand the beast and other characters of Revelation, we need to revisit Genesis 6 to see how fallen angels will affect the end times.

Free will vs. Predestination

Free Will vs. Predestination

Christians share the same passages in defense of their differing views about the roles of free will vs. predestination affecting salvation. The cause that leads to variations in interpretation can be traced to core beliefs. Core beliefs will be examined in light of Scripture to answer this important question – Are we to believe or not to believe in free will?

The 7 seals of Revelation

What are the 7 Seals of Revelation?

Matthew 24 Explains the 7 Seals of Revelation The 7 seals of Revelation chapters 6 and 8 provide a wide view lens of the end of this age. They guide us with an overall perspective to track a course through the complex chapters of Revelation. Revelation is not chronological; however, the 7 seals are consecutive … Read More

rapture is a life saver

Post-Tribulation Rapture vs. End-Wrath Rapture

In this article we will examine Old Testament and New Testament prophecies predicting the concurrence of the rapture with the second advent of Christ. The goal will be to achieve a time sequence understanding of the resurrection of the dead and events mentioned in the tribulation and wrath periods.

Message for Last Days

message for the last days – Introduction

MESSAGE FOR THE LAST DAYS – INTRODUCTION Readers of any long, difficult book will know the temptation to skip to the last pages to find out what happens in the end. But there is no satisfaction in taking such a shortcut. The sum of the narrative ebbs and flows provide the conclusion its power and … Read More

Bible Interpretation

Bible Interpretation Principles

BIBLE INTERPRETATION PRINCIPLES A key to understanding the Bible is learning how to properly interpret it through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He guides us to principles of Bible interpretation. Sounds simple. However, cultural traditions and personal biases complicate our efforts. Another barrier arises from the biblical concept that there are three realms of … Read More

Promised Land

The Land Covenant

THE LAND COVENANT To gain an understanding of end-time events, the best place to start is in the book of Genesis. We’ll examine Adam’s fall into sin in Genesis 3, then move on to the covenant God formed with Abraham. Let’s look at verse 15 as God curses the serpent that led Adam and Eve … Read More