last days

Revekation timeline

Timeline of Events in Revelation

Timeline of Events in Revelation You can check out this video below to see the timeline of events in Revelation. The order is mapped out in animated charts so you can clearly associate the seals, trumpets and bowls during the Great Tribulation Period and Day of the Lord. You can also download a free PDF … Read More

who is the antichrist

Who is the anti-christ?

Descriptions of the anti-christ from Daniel Chapter 7 and Revelation Chapter 13 parallel each other with these same identifiers –

He comes out of the great beast with 10 horns

He speaks complete blasphemy against God

He is allowed authority to war over the saints in the tribulation period

He is destroyed at the 2nd coming of Christ (Revelation 17:14)

Message for Last Days

message for the last days – Introduction

MESSAGE FOR THE LAST DAYS – INTRODUCTION Readers of any long, difficult book will know the temptation to skip to the last pages to find out what happens in the end. But there is no satisfaction in taking such a shortcut. The sum of the narrative ebbs and flows provide the conclusion its power and … Read More

Second Coming

The Second Coming of Christ

THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST In many algebra textbooks, the solutions appear in the back of the book. But students quickly discover that copying these answers down will not help them understand how to solve algebraic equations. What a student must do is apply what he has learned to a problem, then see if his … Read More

Resurrection of the righteous

The Resurrection of the Righteous

THE RESURRECTION OF THE RIGHTEOUS The resurrection of the righteous (also known as the saints or the just) is part of a judgment process; the relationship between resurrection and judgment will be discussed further in chapters 14 and 15. For now we will focus on resurrection. God’s gift of salvation entails the receipt of an … Read More

end time unity

End-Time Unity

END-TIME UNITY Institutional Christianity has divided over the years into many denominations and sects. At times over the course of history, these divisions have led to bloody conflict. We act with a little more civility than that these days, but our spiritual differences are still a problem. We are supposed to spread the gospel, yet … Read More

Bible Interpretation

Outline of InterpretaTION MethodS

OUTLINE OF INTERPRETATION METHODS This outline of interpretation methods utilizes an objective method. Subjectivity (personal interpretation) is not capable of obtaining truth from the Bible. Truth is objective and only comes through divine revelation. Our freedoms, free will, and choices have nothing to do with finding truth. The goal of this book is to identify … Read More

Salvation verb tenses

Verb Tenses of Salvation

VERB TENSES OF SALVATION The following passages describe salvation timing based upon past or present tense spiritual salvation language, or utilize future tense salvation language describing the resurrection of the dead. Some passages describe both types salvation – spiritual salvation and salvation through bodily resurrection. Present = focus on past/present spiritual salvation Future = focus … Read More

End Time Passages

Groupings of Key End-time Passages

Christ inheriting the whole earth: ·       Psalm 2:8 ·       Romans 4:13 ·       Galatians 3:16 ·       Colossians 1:16 ·       Hebrews 1:2; 2:10 The inheritance theme: ·       Genesis 15:7; 17:5–8 ·       1 Chronicles 29:14–18 ·       Psalm 2:8; 37:29; 105:6–11; 115:16 ·       Isaiah 45:18 ·       Ezekiel 47:13–23; 48:29 ·       Matthew 5:5; 19:27–29 ·       Romans 4:13–18; 8:16–17; 15:8–9 ·       … Read More